Vyberte stránku

Pokud neumíte anglicky, tak si moc nepočtete 🙂
A pokud umíte, tak mi prosím neopravujte chyby 🙂It´s not in your muscles what makes you strong.
It´s not your brain what makes you smart.
It´s the way you move, the way you look.
And you can´t achieve it by wearing modern clothes.

Because it´s in your heart.
This muscle is most important for you.
This muscle which is running life through your veins.
Try to listen to it.

Can you hear it? Can you feel it?
You DON´T need „cool clothes“ to look good.
You DON´T need to know everything to look smart.
All you got to do is to believe.

Impossible is nothing.
If you can imagine it, is it possible.
Just listen to your heart.
And believe in yourself.